Client Relationship Manager

We are looking for a unique person to do two things - develop stronger relationships with our existing client base of 1,000 customers; and introduce and sell them additional services. This position is therefore not 100% selling, but a mix between selling and strong client relationship building.
Our company, Guide by Cell, has been in business for over 10 years, serving the museum, cultural and charity communities. We provide a cloud-based technology that allows their visitors, customer, users or donors to take a tour, make a donation, engage with text messaging, and use a multitude of mobile services. We still operate as a very entrepreneurial start-up even though we are profitable and very stable, with a great client portfolio.
We are conveniently located in the Financial District in San Francisco and just blocks from all major transportation lines in the city, including Muni and Bart.To be successful in this position you will need to have great listening skills, have high energy and a wonderful engaging personality. You will need to be outgoing, a good writer, a good communicator, and have a sense of humor, too.
Your job will be to call our existing clients and explore ways that they might better use the services that they have purchased. You also will explore other services you can sell them from our large portfolio of mobile engagement services. These actions will help us reduce turnover and cancellations from clients not finding enough benefit come renewal time, and will also increase our revenue as they purchase more services.
The person we hire will become a pro in understanding and explaining all the powerful things our mobile software can do. It is a 40 hour/week job reporting to the CEO/Founder. You will also have a say in what changes we should make - new services, interface improvements or even product tweaks that can improve our client's experiences. 


Job Type: Full-time

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