Workforces are more mobile than ever. Use Train by Cell text messaging and mobile web platforms to stay in touch with your employees. Upload  and store your HR manuals or benefit guides on a mobile-friendly website. Send out microbursts or boosts of information to large groups with a text message.

2 Mobile Platforms; 1,000 Uses

Text Message
Communication Platform

  • Texts always get read, unlike email - cut through communication clutter
  • Include links to mobile web sites
  • Push images or GIFs for more engagement
  • Works in every country
  • Users can "opt in" to a variety of lists
  • Schedule texts based on calendar date or a sequence
    based on when list was joined

Responsive Mobile
Web Platform 

  • Provide access to any content via a phone, tablet or desktop
  • Available anywhere in the world 
  • No downloads
  • No I.T. involvement required
  • Drag-and-drop simple creation of mobile pages
  • Secure site with password-protected content, if needed

Platform Uses


Training & Development

  • Use text messaging for performance support.
  • Create five-minute micro-lessons for boost learning.


  • Applicants can text in to sign up for
    job postings.
  • Push text about new jobs.
  • People can complete basic application
    on thier phone.


  • Schedule text welcome messages to new hires before they start.
  • Create a new hire mobile handbook
  • Take selfies of new employees at
    orientation and introduce them to the rest of the team using mobile.

Employee Retention

  • Use text messaging to communicate with employees who do not have a corporate email address.
  • Create mobile websites in multiple languages to build relationships with non-native English speaking employees.


  • Empower employees to report their hours worked by text message.
  • Create mobile-friendly payroll guides.

Compensation & Benefits

  • Create mobile benefit guides available to employees at any time.
  • Communicate changes to policies during open enrollment by text message.




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