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Train by Cell with Bloomberg & Tarkett

November 15, 2017

Hear selected clips from our guest speakers:

Greg Druckman
(Manager of Learning Design & Technology, Bloomberg)


The sequence feature on Train by Cell works very well and doesn’t create a lot of work on the backend when we want to send a set of messages to different individuals at different starting time.

With drag and drop, we can add photos and new contents. This is the mechanism to get the content in front of people in time.


April Wilder
(Director of Learning, Tarkett)


Short burst information is the best way to retain information. Often times people do not apply to what they learned and we send them short messages as reminders after class is over.

We have about 20 experts speaker about different topics and we want to find out the feedback from our trainee what are effective and what are not. What we find out is we aren’t getting good feedback because after the 20 speakers, the attendees are overwhelmed.

We have developed a new major campaign which requires a lot of investment and new softwares and which need to train ourselves. Good thing that training will have less of investment need since we can utilize Train by Cell which is a huge initiative for us.

The drag and drop is extremely easy to use. What I like most about this program (Train by Cell) is that I don’t feel like I need to be trained to use this. It’s extremely easy and that’s the best part.

Train by Cell with Bloomberg & Tarkett

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