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Hospital Nurses Gamify Learning by Using Text Messaging

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February 12, 2019

We discussed how Train by Cell can help trainers communicate with employees in any setting by mobile and increase consumption of your existing training library.

Webinar with
Christopher E. Otto
Manager, Nursing Professional Excellence

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Christopher E.Otto,
(Manager, Nursing Professional Excellence at Christiana Care Health System)


Chris Otto talks about what he does at Christiana Care and the reason why they use mobile platform in providing employee training

Find out why Christina Care consider going mobile technology in training and engaging their caregivers.

Chris Otto shares one of the training pain points that was resolved when they started using mobile.

Listen to what Chris Otto revealed on how their nurses and caregivers respond to gamification, polls and surveys as part of the training they were provided.

How does mobile platform's poll feature helped Christiana Care's training committee in improving their learning strategies.

This effective methodology used by Christiana Care in getting the word for their employees to subscribe to mobile service is jaw-dropping!

What feedback did Chris Otto and his training team received from their employees regarding learning thru mobile?

Why you will not need an IT or engineering team to get the Train By Cell mobile app running: Top secret revealed.


Hospital Nurses Gamify Learning by Using Text Messaging

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