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How Mobile is Reinventing Training Reinforcement

May 3, 2018

Guest speaker, Casey Mays of Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits discusses ways mobile can enhance the training experience and the latest trends in mobile engagement.

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Casey Mays,
(Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits)


Baypass that overstuffed salesforce inbox with texting.

Mobile file sharing superior to sharepoint.

Link your mobile site to your sharepoint, LMS, or any third party site.

Use texting to deliver small bursts of information that complements in-class education.

Set up a text sequence once, and our system takes care of the rest.

With our comprehensive reporting dashboard, you can get a clear picture of usage and training success.

Improve learning retention and provide reality-available reference material with texting and mobile web.

Drag-and-Drop functionality that's so easy to use, it takes half the time of updating sharepoint.

Use texting to send short mobile engagements built for learning retention.

Use train by Cell to break down complicated training problems.

Train by Cell is an easy, cost-effective, and efficient tool to enter the mobile training world.


How Mobile is Reinventing Training Reinforcement

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