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Newest Trends to Improve Training

January 10, 2018

Join us and our guest speakers Karen Glowacki, Associate Director of Sales Development, Phonak and Luana Bannister, Senior Consultant Global Learning and Development, Kimberly-Clark.

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Hear selected clips from our guest speakers:

Luana Bannister
(Senior Consultant Global Learning & Development, Kimberly-Clark)


I needed something to help the employees to take away what they learned and put them into their daily routine and that's where texting came in because it has tools to customize experience and a set of programs that allow me to build and automate it as much as possible.

The need was identify from our employee engagement survey. 12 months into the program, we took the survey again and we could see we have impacted the business.

Our goal was to train about 800 leaders but it became 2000 leaders and we were able to train them all in the first a 8 months program. Teams are very busy, but they are willing to support the demand because we were able to use this tool to automate this process.


Karen Glowacki
(Assoicate Director of Sales Development - Phonak)


We have looked at other mobile applications but limitation was that it requires iPad but unfortunately, not everyone has an ipad at the meetings. We needed something that people can access the resource on their phone.

We often have last minute changes during our meetings so we needed a mobile solutions that we can get these messages out at the meetings efficiently.

It's helpful to have the resource on their phones because the reps have their phones all day and it's a good reminder that they have messages. People responded that they like having these messages and so easily accessible on their phones.

Newest Trends to Improve Training

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