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Why Mobile is Key for Training and HR

February 27, 2018

Hear from our guest speakers Gabe Hampton, Technical Training Specialist from Deseret Industries and Paul Thibdaue, Project Manager from Maritz.

Hear selected clips from our guest speakers:
Gabe Hampton
(Technical Training Specialist from Deseret Industries)


"Train by Cell" can be a hub for everything.

3 qualities at a great mobile learning strategy.

How Deseret Industries saved on printing costs with Train by Cell.

Cut redurelency, and increase usage.

No need for coding with Train by Cell.

Why Deseret industries uses "Micro Videos" instead of static documents.


Paul Thibdaue
(Project Manager from Maritz)


How Maritz uses text messaging + mobile.

How testing via mobile ensuces that learners concluse their training.

Training Challenges: How reinforcement helps retention.

Keep a repusitory of content so learners always have access.

In post-tests, give learners instant feed back.

Why Mobile is Key for Training and HR

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